NOW Ensemble Residency, Music on the Edge

Thanks to Mathew Rosenblum and Edward Kocher, I’m pleased to announce that NOW Ensemble will come back to Pittsburgh (first time since 2008) for a mini-residency, culminating in a concert of student works and a separate performance at the Warhol Museum, featuring a premiere by my wife Emily Pinkerton and me. We have been working on “Rounder Songs” together– a song cycle that includes settings of old Appalachian tunes and quasi-traditional melodies. Our plan is to create the suggestion of a narrative structure throughout the cycle, evoking the ancient and yet modern theme of a mysterious character drifting into town.

Student Concert: March 21, 8 PM, Pappert Center, Duquesne School of Music.

Warhol Concert: March 23, 8 PM, Andy Warhol Museum. More info is here.

Citywater Ensemble in Sacramento

I’m going to California to hear Citywater Ensemble perform two of my oldies-but-goodies at the Festival of New American Music in Sacramento on Nov. 4, at Sacramento State University.  Fun and free!

They will also perform my “Compound Fracture” at the Forgotten Peoples concerts on Nov. 3, 9, & 10.  The concert will support Sacramento homes for victims released from human trafficking.

See their website for details and tickets:

Lisa Pegher Commission

The extraordinary Pittsburgh percussionist Lisa Pegher has commissioned me to write a piece for her, for her February 16 Music on the Edge performance at the Warhol Museum. I’m very excited to write a piece for her– for some mysterious reason, up to this point in my career I’ve never composed anything for solo percussion. This is really strange since I happen to be preoccupied with rhythm! But I couldn’t think of a better way to unveil my first piece in this genre, because Lisa is incredible.

More info here.

PSO Mentor Composer

I’m happy to announce that the PSO has asked me to serve as a “mentor composer” this year, to assist PSO Composer of the Year Mason Bates and to help with the student composer readings.

Fourth River Music Collective

This is a Duquesne University electroacoustic music group, directed by Lynn Purse and me. Our concert will feature two works by PSO Composer of the Year Mason Bates; an encore performance of Joe Sheehan’s percussion piece, performed by guest percussionist Lisa Pegher; a performance by guest musician Ben Opie; a pre-concert improvisation by Zvonimir Nagy; and a new piece that I wrote for this student group called “Gamma Rock.” The piece combines gamelan and rock textures: it’s fast, it’s loud, it’s art music.

If you’re wondering why we called it the Fourth River Music Collective (and if you’re entertained by outlandish theories) then read more here.

The concert is Dec. 6 at 8PM in the Pappert Center (formerly room 322) in the music building.

CreatION Sound: Music and Art for Humans and Robots

On Sunday, Oct. 14 at 7:30 PM, in Bellefield Hall, IonSound Project will perform a new piece commissioned from me, which includes the robots and sounds of Jeremy Boyle. I’m excited that I am finally able to repay this group that has performed my music so often over the past few years, by composing a piece just for them. I am equally excited about the collaboration that this project has entailed. Working with Jeremy on the sounds and the logistics of the robot has been very rewarding. If you have always yearned to hear music that combines the ancient tradition of Javanese gamelan with contemporary composition and robot technology, then this is the concert for you!

More info is here.

The Bright Motion

Exciting news: Michael Mizrahi’s debut album on New Amsterdam Records will be released on May 29– it includes a piece he commissioned by me, and other amazing works by some of the best young composers out there. Stay tuned for more information about concert dates, including:

June 12: Le Poisson Rouge, New York City
June 15: Strathmore Mansion, Washington, D.C.

Details and tickets available at

Fuse Ensemble performs “All Together Now,”

Michael Mizrahi will be performing my new piano work in New York on June 12 and in D.C. on June 15.  Curiously enough, while he is in D.C., Fuse Ensemble, who are from D.C., will be performing my piece “All Together Now” in New York on June 16.  Since the theme of the Fuse concert is Carl Jung, this “synchronicity” is all the more strange.  They will be using violin instead of electric guitar, so even if you’ve heard it before, you haven’t heard this version.

Click here for details on the Fuse Concert.